Reboot Bundle of EdTech Downloads

All of the downloads from my Reboot courses

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I've put together a special collection of downloads. In this bundle you'll find PDF files to download that were previously featured in my Reboot courses. Including SIX posters, SIX mini-ebooks, and THREE planning pages.

6 Posters

  • 5 Ways to Shift from Content Consumption to Creation
  • 4 Tips for Google Docs
  • VR Apps to Inspire Storytelling
  • 5 Favorite Tools for Brainstorming
  • Virtual Reality Prompts
  • Reading Favorites

6 Mini-Ebooks

  • 6 Tech Tools to Capture Student Learning
  • Flipgrid and Book Clubs
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Writing Prompts
  • Favorite Tools for Publishing Writing
  • Author Spotlights
  • 8 Ways to Check for Understanding with Nearpod

3 Planning Pages

  • EdTech Goals - Week, Month + Year
  • Tasks Before Apps Lesson Plan
  • Tasks Before Apps Goal Setting

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Monica Burns
Monica Burns

I'm a former classroom teacher and lover of all things EdTech. Let's work together to place "tasks before apps" and make EdTech easy this school year!